A mason jar filled, and surrounded, with chopped chocolate.

Welcome to Chocolate Driven Development

Software development with human interaction and psychology in focus.

If you are interested in Technical Agile Coaching and want to know what it can do for your team. Or if you just want someone to talk code with. Since I rather talk tech than do sales pitches, I now offer free hours of Technical Agile Coaching light. Let's explore if I can help you, by trying to solve your problems from the start.

Blog posts

A toy figure assessing the level of water in a mason jar using a tape measurer.
The gears from an egg timer, showing the Lever escapement and other gears.
A dark image of vines tangling infront of a wall
Two kids playing with a carousel at a playground.
Rocking chair made by Thonet-Mundus, number B 804 with feets support (in catalogue under chair no. B 829).
Smog and smoke from industry colored by a sunrise.
Railroad tracks crossing multiple times
A masquerade mask with cogs and wheels placed on a jumble of screws.
a glass salt shaker with a metal top photographed on a white background.
A cross stitched WC sign in warm colors
An ampersand, &, with extra everything
A lush mix of different trees
A desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) hatching from its egg.
A black and white sketch of a person being measured from the spine to the cuff with a measuring tape.
A thermostat from a radiator.
A motor with a lot of cogs, wheels and bands.

Under the hood

A pair of jeans that are going to be mended
A juggler with three balls on a misty and empty field
A slightly dusty motherboard with many different components.
A blank jigsaw puzzle with one missing piece in the middle
A signpost with directions and distance to more than twenty locations.
An empty podium for first, second and third place.
Shredded paper
Six insects, print, Wenceslaus Hollar (MET, 26.72.115).
A marathon race in Kent. People running away from the camera. The sky is really blue.
Hand washing with soap
Folded clothes standing on end on a white bedspread
Weight plates for weightlifting in different sizes.
Two frog figurines. One is pulling a cabin bag. The other has one bag in each hand.
Two hands holding an ice cream cone each.
Whirlwind computer, sections of core memory and controls, in Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
The wooden footbridge in Bistrica Gorge (built in 2018)
A kitten that peaks out from under a blanket
A giraffe nibbling on some branches.
A jetty with steps down into cold water.
A clip board with a pen and a stethoscope
A living room with nice furniture placed with good amount of space to move around.
Big waves hitting a sturdy tower.
A black cat in the middle of taking a step down in a steep staircase.
A multi meter measuring an assembled component.
A person gripping the hand rail while running down a spiral staircase.
A winding path in a lush foret
The entrance to a big abandoned house.
A birthday cake with a candle in the shape of the figure one.
A vacuum cleaner leaving a visible result on a carpet
Old binders with files, standing in a row, partly stacked.
Bicycle traffic barrier used to slow down cyclists circumvented by taking a detour on the lawn, thereby showing a literal path of least resistance.
A hand holding a seashell in the water
A pit stop at a race.