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Chocolate Driven Development! Am I the wannabe Bridget Jones of software development? Not really. But chocolate is my symbol for the key to producing software successfully. Software is created by chemically regulated meat dolls collaborating with other chemically regulated meat dolls. Chocolate is both a means of adding chemicals and improve collaborations.

Both eating and sharing chocolate alters the levels of important substances in our body. Chocolate is often used as a tool for giving appreciation and offer comfort . Chocolate bars and boxes of pralines are both created for sharing. To eat a piece of chocolate gives your brain energy to think. Seeing that your co-worker is sad and offering a piece of chocolate enables you to think better together. Our way to write software must reflect what we know about the human body. We need to avoid the pitfalls caused by our brains limitations. For successful teams in knowledge work we need both sensitivity regarding others emotional state, a net result of positivity and equal amount of participation.

Software is (in most cases) written by humans as a team. We have research on cognition, neurology and social psychology. Let us use that to make software in a better way.

Sometimes work in the IT-industry can be soul sucking. Burn out is an increasing problem. My advice is the same as Professor Lupin gives when faced with soul sucking dementors in Harry Potter and the prisoner from Azkaban. “Take this, it is chocolate, and you will soon feel better.”

The company

Chocolate Driven Development AB is a company dedicated to helping software teams improve.