Words from people I've worked with.

Oct 18, 2023


Ester Daniel accompanied me during a team coaching session and was able to give me their observations on group behavior within the team. Ester Daniel’s suggestions for improvement and the identification of possible alternatives were very valuable to me and I was able to apply them immediately afterwards.

Peter Fichtner
Samman Technical Coach

Feb 6, 2023


Ester Daniel facilitated a digital retrospective for us and we were very pleased with it. We only had two hours but still Ester Daniel managed to direct us by different approaches and models that was setup in Miro. Ester Daniel was well prepared excels in communication and is over all pleasant to work with.

Harald Eilert
Developer Manager

Sep 27, 2022


We did an active role-playing session led by EsterDaniel as one of the main parts of our team-building and skill-development event. The exercise was both very fun for all the participants and also both introduced and practiced new soft skills in a novel way. I think the new skills became part of the participants’ active toolbox to a much larger extent compared to a lecture or more traditional exercise since they had the chance to both discover the techniques under EsterDaniel’s guidance, and also use them themselves.

Lo Heander
Timezynk AB

Nov 27, 2021


Ester Daniel is an excellent speaker who backs up theories and statements with facts and research.

Ester Daniel is also entertaining and captivating to listen to.

I highly recommend Chocolate Driven Development and look forward to seeing where it leads.

Sara Winter
Competence Manager
Qlue AB

during 2020


When Ester Daniel coached the team, learning and knowledge sharing sped up.

I was new to the team at the time, so working with a collaboration expert helped a lot. There is no magic involved; I would have gotten to know the codebase anyway. But with Ester Daniel helping the team, I became productive much faster.

The tools Ester Daniel brought us are still in use and help us make progress. They are common things, like retrospectives, but introduced in a way that fit our team.

Deyaa Orfali
Product Owner
Timezynk AB

during 2022


Ester Daniel played a crucial role as a consultant during a particularly challenging period. With expert guidance, Ester Daniel helped uncover hidden issues and conflicts that were stifling our progress. Ester Daniel’s approach was both methodical and empathetic. I highly recommend Ester Daniel and I look forward to the opportunity to work with Ester Daniel again.

David Eriksson
Activout AB

2018 - 2019


Ester Daniel was a regular team member at my previous job. Even in that role, the mindset of improving results through collaboration, showed in their work.

Introducing User Centered Design elevated both software quality and team spirit. Ester Daniel facilitated workshops, introduced ensemble programming and mentored Test Driven Development.

The developers were both socially and technically skilled. Teams like that also benefit from what Ester Daniel brings.

Daniel Hamngren
Tech Lead