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Lift a whole team

Software will take the shape of the organisation that created it. So working with the team will show in the architecture and maintainability of the code. I use ensemble programming and retrospectives to enhance collaboration in a team. Throw in a couple of learning hours on technical skills and the team will build a common understanding for what code quality is to them.

I also help with linting, coaching code reviews and other removers of friction in a team.


2018 - 2019


Ester Daniel was a regular team member at my previous job. Even in that role, the mindset of improving results through collaboration, showed in their work.

Introducing User Centered Design elevated both software quality and team spirit. Ester Daniel facilitated workshops, introduced ensemble programming and mentored Test Driven Development.

The developers were both socially and technically skilled. Teams like that also benefit from what Ester Daniel brings.

Daniel Hamngren
Tech Lead

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