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Educational collaborative story telling

Troubled waters is the first in a series of fantasy table top role playing games, teaching the thinking tools presented in the books by Goldratt. Sitting around a table, guided by a storyteller, the participants get to apply the methods during a fun adventure.

There will be elves, dwarves and really good problem solving techniques. The tool taught is the “conflict cloud”, and it looks at the core of an issue. That way we can solve the real conflict, in a way that meets everybody’s needs.

Group size: 4-6 people

Duration: 3h including breaks

Theory of Constraints is a collection of thinking tools. Goldratt presents them in a series of books starting with The Goal.

Contact me for scheduling a session or book a meeting for more information.


Sep 27, 2022


We did an active role-playing session led by EsterDaniel as one of the main parts of our team-building and skill-development event. The exercise was both very fun for all the participants and also both introduced and practiced new soft skills in a novel way. I think the new skills became part of the participants’ active toolbox to a much larger extent compared to a lecture or more traditional exercise since they had the chance to both discover the techniques under EsterDaniel’s guidance, and also use them themselves.

Lo Heander
Timezynk AB

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