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Good teams deserve good retros

Not all retros are the same. If you don’t think that retrospectives are important, the bigger reason to try an expert facilitator. If you think they are important, they deserves an external facilitator Sometimes you need someone from the outside to gain new perspectives. I can help you with a one time workshop to get a better understanding of where you want to go. Or I can join the team for multiple improvement cycles (or sprints). There is also an option for mentoring one, or multiple, in the team to facilitate better retros. Let us talk about your teams needs to look back in order to move forward!


Feb 6, 2023


Ester Daniel facilitated a digital retrospective for us and we were very pleased with it. We only had two hours but still Ester Daniel managed to direct us by different approaches and models that was setup in Miro. Ester Daniel was well prepared excels in communication and is over all pleasant to work with.

Harald Eilert
Developer Manager

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